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September 15th EC Meeting Minutes

Minutes from chapter’s Executive Committee Meeting – 9/15/17

  • Recap one-stop & GA ballot tabling – 5 min
    • Strong showing & results indicate need to prioritize GA issues like never before
    • Even new students are aware that adjunctification is a top issue
  • Other contract campaign updates & steps forward – 25 min
    • All advisory groups have condensed a set of demands → Barbara Bowen & bargaining team will review & propose final list for EC then DA to vote on
    • This bargaining process is more constrained on time than last one because last team had 2 years to refine demands
    • Per EC timeline, we’d reach out to CUNY mgmt to start negotiations exactly when contract expires
    • Reportbacks from BT? At each meeting, the BT determines what info can be reported on → will affect how much Luke can share with GA membership at monthly accountability “forums”
    • Shouldn’t PSC be thinking strategies DURING process of constituting demands rather than waiting to strategize after demands are finalized?
  • Chapter communications – 5 min
    • Need website content! Submit tabling results, events, pictures, reportbacks
    • Everyone needs to share events with ALL your PSC friends
    • Digital signage campaign to introduce delegates, “did you know” to raise profile of the PSC, success stories PLUS advertise upcoming meetings
      • EC members need to submit headshot (in front of recognizable spots around bldg) & quote to Nina
    • Remember to submit reimbursement forms!
    • Remember to send digital announcements to affiliate campuses!
    • Come up with a fancy button related to demands (one specific to GAs?)
    • Start using adjunct infographic
  • Committees update – 5 min
    • Please read the minutes from the last stewards mtg on your own time
    • Committees can ask for any money as necessary & apply for DSC funds
    • HEO steering committee has met, is tabling regularly & focusing on recommitment cards, will visit ASRC to get sign-ups
  • MOE & legislative work – 20 min
    • For discussion, please read Rosa’s proposal for campaigning around CUNY funding
    • Political context unfavorable to unions so NYS constitutional convention is dangerous at this moment
      • Delegates chosen by senate districts, which over-represents upstate & favors GOP
      • Right wing & corp interests are well prepared for convention
      • Messaging from labor has flawed framing as “this is bad for unions” rather than “bad for you specifically”
      • Cuomo won’t sign MOE → must draw attention to his continued disinvestment in CUNY & Excelsior Scholarship
      • At risk: Adirondack Reserve, pensions
      • Constitution can be amended w/o convention
    • Should be introduced at chapter meeting (what is MOE & how to get involved)
    • Look for release of MOE teaching toolkit
    • DSA hosting debate on constitutional convention
    • Big push last year for MOE that Cuomo also didn’t sign → how to make this year different? Legislative committee developing more outward-facing campaign w/ bad press on Cuomo & students; Cuomo has pretended to care about higher ed so can be attacked for hypocrisy
    • MOE passing will save CUNY money that can be rolled into contract w/ PSC
    • Call MOE by a different name (ex. Cuomo Fund CUNY)
  • Chapter meeting prep – 20 min
    • Next chapter meeting will be about strategies after BT finalizes demands
    • Barbara Bowen requested to come speak about the contract, Luke will confirm that this is still the case
  • Labor management prep – 10 min – Marc
    • Items will be presented at chapter meeting for feedback

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