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Our contract is officially expired! The next few months will be crucial for developing the worker power necessary to bring CUNY’s management to the bargaining table. A union is only as strong as its members, so your voice and your presence are extremely important in all processes. Every member can take simple steps to make our union a powerful and effective vehicle to improve the conditions of our labor. Together, we can fight the regime of austerity that has plagued CUNY for decades and win the contract we all deserve!

Attend chapter meetings

We can pass powerful resolutions at chapter meetings, but we need a quorum (10% of the chapter) to attend for them to be binding. If you cannot make a meeting, find someone from your department who you trust to express your views and help you stay informed.

Support the People’s Pantry

As part of our campaign to Reclaim the Commons, GC Rank and File Action and the Graduate Center Chapter of the PSC have opened a food pantry in the 8th-floor Dining Commons. There is also free coffee and tea. Please take what you need and give what you can. If there are items you would like the community to purchase or donate, you can note them here. We are also having weekly community dinners and meetings on Wednesdays from 5-7 pm. All are welcome. Sign up to bring a dish if you can. To make monetary donations to the pantry, please Venmo Zoe-Hu-1. To join the listserv, fill out this form. If you would like to put on an event in the commons, please fill out this event form. For more information or to get more involved, please email  or ask a steward in your department.

Become a steward!

Interested in organizing within your department, getting folks to join the union and to get involved in the contract negotiations campaign? Become a steward and join a fantastic community of GC organizers. No prior organizing experience needed and you can decide how much work to take on for yourself. Email Giacomo Bianchino for more information or to sign up!

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Join our chapter email list

This is a great way to stay in the loop. If you fill out the form bellow, we’ll add you to our email list. Tell us a little about yourself: what department you’re in, what title you have, what issues you’re most interested in (pay, benefits, adjunct parity, etc.), and anything else you want to share!

Your information will only be shared with organizers at the GC.
Let us know any particular interests or concerns you have regarding union organizing.

Help us table

Come hang out with fellow PSC activists and help us talk to students, faculty, and staff about the upcoming contract negotiations. If there’s a specific campus in our chapter that you’d like to table at, let us know!

Tabling Sign-up

Join our chapter Campus Action Team (CAT)

For those of you who want to be at the heart of planning events and mobilizing, the Campus Action Team is the place to be!

Sign up to attend a bargaining session

Once contract negotiations get underway, we need everyone to make their voices heard and put pressure on management to negotiate a fair contract!


Sign the following petitions to show your support for workers and students at CUNY and beyond. This page is updated whenever new petitions become available, so please check it regularly.

Put on your own event

If your department is having an event where you would like PSC organizers to speak, or if you would like to work with us to plan a field-specific or general event, let us know! We have a chapter budget to help contribute to food and activities. Please contact Zoe Hu with ideas or questions regarding event planning.

Participate in chapter activities

If the chapter is engaged in an activity—like leafleting, member surveys, petition drives, picketing—participate! We are stronger together, and these chapter activities are important for the union to do its work on your behalf. It’s your engagement that makes management listen, and move. Remember, the union is you.