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Process for Submitting Resolutions from the Membership at GC Chapter Meetings

Edit: This is the text of the original proposal. For the amended and approved (at the September 19th chapter meeting) version you can click here.

1. Members wishing to submit a resolution for discussion and voting at a chapter meeting shall
notify the Graduate Center chapter’s Executive Committee (GC-EC) by email
( and no later than seven days before the
date of the chapter meeting, and attach a draft of the resolution and the contact person for the

2. Any PSC member who works at a PSC-GC campus and the GC affiliated campuses,
regardless of title, may propose and vote on a resolution.

3. Resolutions which break city, state, and/or federal laws may be re-framed as advisory in
nature and submitted to the Delegate Assembly.

4. Due to time constraints, the EC will place no more than 2 resolutions on the upcoming
chapter meeting agenda for discussion and voting on a first-come-first-served basis, unless
there is an urgent matter that must be prioritized. If an urgent issue impacting CUNY, the city,
the state, or the country, arises fewer than seven days before the chapter meeting, and a
member wishes to submit a resolution about that issue, the GC-EC shall be flexible as
possible about adapting the meeting agenda to include the resolution.

5. The EC will propose the agenda at the beginning of the chapter meeting, at which point
members can move to amend the agenda, including which/how many resolutions will be
discussed. The agenda will be changed upon majority vote.

6. The GC-EC will post the draft resolution(s) on the PSC-GC website, and resolutions will be
linked to the chapter meeting email announcements.

7. The member(s) submitting the resolution shall bring hard copies of the resolution to the
meeting for all in attendance. If member(s) do not have access to printing, please contact
someone on the EC for help.

8. Discussion and voting on the resolution(s) will ideally be facilitated by someone who can
impartially facilitate the entire process from start to finish. The facilitator will not speak for or
against the resolution.

9. Resolutions will pass upon majority vote. Vote shall be conducted within the state meeting

10. If the chapter meeting does not reach quorum, the resolution should be edited to replace
all instances of “the GC chapter” with “members of the chapter assembled” at that particular
meeting, and the edited resolution will still be discussed and voted upon.

11. Chapter members, chapter committees, and the chapter Executive Committee will work to
improve this process as needed.

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