• Submit a Grievance: Do you think your rights have been violated in the workplace? Get in touch with our chapter’s grievance councelors.
  • PSC-CUNY Rights and Benefits: Learn about the grievance process and find out more about your rights under the contract, under CUNY policy, and under the law.
  • Graduate Student Payment Issues Survey: We are trying to collect data to present to management as evidence of the anecdotal payment issues we are all so familiar with.
  • Rank and File Action Presentation on Open Bargaining: a simple PowerPoint you can use to promote open bargaining.
  • CUNY Debt Reveal: Find useful facts about CUNY’s structure including what percentage of classes are taught by adjuncts, how much executives make, how enrollment numbers have changed over the past few years, and much more.
  • PSC-CUNY Glossary: A crowdsourced, member-created glossary of union jargon at CUNY.
  • GC Chapter Member Handbook [pdf]: Learn more about our chapter and the different titles and campuses we represent.
  • Graduate Assistant Rights and Benefits Brochure: Get oriented with information about your rights as a GA, including workload and teaching observations.
  • Vision for Equity: A report put together by the Committee of Adjuncts and Part-timers on the way forward for a fair contract for part-time titles.
  • View our current contract: The contract is the principal source of our rights on the job at CUNY.
  • Archiving the CUNY struggle: A collection of Left Voice articles covering CUNY’s recent history and a submission portal for folks who want to publicly document CUNY’s past and present.
  • GC PSC link tree: a great simple guide to getting involved. Feel free to share it with coworkers.
  • PSC Constitution: Read about our union’s bylaws and learn about how the PSC operates.