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Elected Chapter Leadership

Do you have a PSC (or other labor-related) question? Here are your elected representatives for the Graduate Center chapter (Elected Position, PSC Title, Campus).

Executive Committee Members

  • Luke Elliott-Negri (Chair, GA, GC)
  • Anh Tran (Vice-Chair + Delegate + Grievance Officer, GA, GC)
  • Steve Brier (Delegate, Professor, GC)
  • Susan Fountain (Delegate, Adjunct, SPS)
  • Maya Harakawa (Delegate + PT Liasion, GA, GC)
  • Marc Kagan (Delegate, GA, GC)
  • Penny Lewis (Delegate, Professor, Murphy Institute)
  • Ruth Milkman (Delegate, Professor, GC)
  • Frank Mirer (Delegate, Professor, SPH)
  • Rosa Squillacote (Delegate, GA, GC)
  • Travis Sweatte (Delegate, GA, GC)
  • Chloe Asselin (Alt. Delegate, GA, GC)
  • Isaac Jabola-Carolus (Alt. Delegate, GA, GC)
  • James Jasper (Alt. Delegate, Professor, GC)
  • Stephanie Luce (Alt. Delegate, Professor, Murphy Institute)
  • Roxanne Shirazi (Alt. Delegate, Librarian, GC)
  • Lynne Turner (Alt. Delegate, Adjunct, Murphy Institute)
  • Ruth Milkman (Alt. Delegate, Professor, GC)
  • Zee Dempster (Welfare Fund, HEO, GC)
  • Jennifer Lee (Welfare Fund, HEO, SPS)
  • Jean Grassman (At Large, Professor, SPH)
  • Susan Seagart (At Large, Professor, GC)
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