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Resolution on Protection of Palestine Solidarity Speech and Academic Freedom

Whereas the events detailed in PSC President James Davis’ October 25th letter to the Chancellor present a grave cause for concern regarding the future of academic freedom and labor rights at CUNY;

Whereas, since the publication of President Davis’ letter, workers and students across the CUNY system have reported incidents of intimidation, doxxing, harassment, and disciplinary threats for participating in Palestine solidarity organizing or speech;

Whereas over 600 legal organizations and professionals have released a new letter warning of increasing racist and unlawful attacks and retaliation against those advocating for Palestinian rights;

Whereas Governor Kathy Hochul announced, on October 31st, the expansion of New York State Police’s Social Media Unit, a move that is likely to increase political surveillance of college students and workers across New York state;

Whereas CUNY’s messaging and actions conflate expressions of solidarity with the internationally recognized Palestinian right to self determination with anti-Semitism, in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate and silence CUNY students and workers speaking out for Palestine;

Whereas the actions of the CUNY administration and the governor fuel political attacks against CUNY and public higher education by right-wing, anti-labor politicians and actors;

Let it be resolved that the PSC will commit support and resources to defend its members facing retaliation or harassment for their protected speech on issues related to social, economic and racial justice and will use the union’s communications channels to advise members of these resources;

Let it be further resolved that the PSC will provide a training for its grievance counselors and chapter leadership before the start of the spring 2024 semester, and annually thereafter, led by experts in defending academic workers on free speech issues, to help them more effectively defend our members under attack for their protected expression; 

Let it be further resolved that the PSC will organize an online or hybrid workshop with Faculty First Responders, open to all PSC members, with a presentation and Q&A component that will be shared on the PSC website;

Let it be further resolved that the PSC will share with its membership regular updates summarizing the number and nature of incidents of repression of free speech reported to the union by members, and channel necessary organizing and financial resources to campus-wide conversations on free speech and academic freedom rights.

Passed by PSC-GC Executive Committee

co-signed by Graduate Center & School of Labor and Urban Studies Stewards

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