Meeting notes

September 2023 Notes from Chapter Meeting

The first GC PSC chapter meeting of the year was held on Friday, September 22. What follows are brief notes on what was presented and discussed, and results of a few votes:

Collective discussion: What is the purpose of PSC union work, what the PSC does for CUNY. GC especially is a fighting unit in the PSC, and our chapter is primarily made up of GC students. There was some discussion of issues on the ground for different titles and schools within the chapter. Nod to the intense late payment issue still ongoing for new GC students. Credit hours in many departments are being cut by GC admin, resulting in fewer courses, larger classes, difficulties in scheduling courses to support specialties. GAs being assigned mega/huge classes during first time teaching.

Introduction of Professional School Liaison position: Sofya Aptekar was voted to be Professional School Liaison (a new role) after making a brief candidate statement.

We also had updates from bargaining sessions and breakout room discussions.

The campus action plan for the GC for this semester was shared and discussed (email psc.cuny.gc(at) with questions or to get further involved)

Labor Against Cop City Resolution: This resolution was passed by those assembled for the meeting:

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