Join Us On November 15 for Our Chapter Rally

On November 15, a PSC-GC rally will bring together speakers from across faculty, staff and student titles to call for a strong contract and assert a revived and more inclusive vision for the GC and the professional schools in our PSC chapter.

We must advocate for a workplace that shows respect and dignity to its workers and that rejects austerity models for public higher education. We need better provisions for remote work, more fulltime faculty lines, more departmental and center resources, and higher wages. Many of us—not just graduate students—are struggling due to inflation. We need, urgently, to raise the low salaries that have people barely scraping by in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Our working conditions are the learning conditions of CUNY students — and will determine the well-being and future of the university as a whole.

Our chapter’s core demands, taken from the demands voted on at our April 2023 chapter meeting, are $53k pay for all PhD students who want it; $13,000 per 3-credit class for adjunct faculty; and an end to chronic understaffing of all of our offices.

The rally will be on November 15, at 1 PM. Details on speakers to come.

Sidenote: If you are a PSC member and haven’t already attended a bargaining orientation, the next one is on Monday, November  6, 6:30-7:30pm, on Zoom. Click here to register for the Zoom and confirm your attendance.

You MUST attend a bargaining orientation first if you want to come to bargaining sessions!

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