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The Commons in Exile has been set up on the 1st floor of the GC

On the 21st of August, Graduate Center President Robin Garrell sent out an email under the title “Dining Commons, Food Pantry and Food Services Update.” In this email she announced that the Dining Commons, on level 8 of the GC building, would be closed until October, and that the search for a new vendor for our cafeteria was still continuing “apace.” What she didn’t mention was the way that both of these “updates” are betrayals of her own word as president, and of the community we have been building since Spring. Garrell has back flipped on having food and pantry services ready by the start of Fall, and has now kicked us out of our own space for a whole month, She’s also given all of the credit to administration for the gains made by student activism and collaboration.

In a statement to the GC Community, Chapter Chair Zoe Hu said: “Until the new pantry is established, Reclaim the Commons will continue to assist those struggling with food insecurity by re-establishing its old pantry in a new location (the Foundation Lounge on the ground floor).We will keep it running until the formal one opens. If you would like to join our effort, email us at or donate funds by Venmo to @Zoe-Hu-1 (a record of receipts and Venmo use can be found here). Help us work towards a People’s CUNY!”

(reposted from the 24 August Adjunct Project news letter)

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