September 30th Chapter Meeting Minutes

Notes from the 9/30/22 Chapter Meeting

  • Giacomo chairs, welcomes the room. Agenda here.
  • Lynne, out-going chapter chair, speaks.
    • Thanks to the chapter members for the work during the pandemic.
      • Health and Safety
      • Stewards
      • Grievance counselors
      • Organizing events
      • Campus Action Team
  • Roxanne leads the election section
    • Lays out the rules and possible scenarios.
    • Chapter Chair is first
      • Zoe Hu nominated by Giacomo.
        • No votes against Zoe, wins unanimously (I think 36 was the number I saw).
    • Alt-Delegates are next
      • Joey Van der Naald nominates himself via email.
        • 33 for, zero against.
      • Alexander Pau-Terkin (sp?) nominated by Giacomo.
        • 27 for, zero against.
    • Vice Chair next (recommendation to EC)
      • Sofya Aptekar nominates herself.
        • 30 for, zero against.
    • Officer-at-Large last (recommendation to EC)
      • Lynne Turner nominates herself.
        • 30 for, zero against.
  • Student Walkout for Abortion Discussion
    • Olivia discusses the event.
    • Gerry mentions the events the day-of October 6th
    • In the chat, noting the October 15th event at the People’s Forum
    • Votes are 45 in favor, zero against.
  • Contract info and update from Lynne.
    • Perhaps we can ask for her link, because it’s tough to take notes on each item?
    • Requests in the chat that the survey results are sent to the chapter, so not just those in attendance can see/people have time to consider them.
    • Gerry asks about a town hall and collective demands–how do we make demands other than from this individualized survey?
      • Lynne does think there are still ways to influence demands.
    • Astrid asks about the organization of the town hall… who? Where?
      • On Zoom, but not sure who is organizing it.
    • Marc asks about GA demands. How decision-making made (can GAs decide which of their demands are most important)? Will there be reportbacks to GC EC on GA demands as they are bargained?
      • Conversations about feedback, getting GAs to articulate what is most important to them.
    • Sofya asks in the chat how we can get more people on these committees?
      • Sort of seems like we can’t, because central EC doesn’t want to.
    • Olivia plugs the GA Platform doc. Email her if you have comments/questions.
    • Kamran expressed frustration about the firewall of information from the EC and Bargaining Team to the rest of the members.
      • Why are we treated as people to just show up when once in awhile we need an up or down vote? Why the secrecy instead of collective decision-making? Infantilization “You can’t understand how difficult it is to deal with this.”
      • Lynne says she is pushing for more openness.
    • Jeremy on town hall, and how do we make decisions in the midst of committee overload.
      • Giacomo offers his email address if you want to get involved planning the town hall:
  • Giacomo talks about the upcoming to the upcoming orientations.
  • Evan starts off the conversation re: grievances. Sometimes you can just file a grievance, sometimes you can organize around, and problem-solve even if it’s not a contractual grievance.
    • Hannah notes that SPS is particularly problematic. Academic freedom re: course development for online is one, individual’s evaluations is another. At the GC, there are lots of people listing jobs that should be PSC titles for way less (non-unionized) money.
      • SPS is “the evil laboratory” where CUNY tries out it’s most egregious work violations
  • Adjournment

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