Proposed Chapter Resolutions Resolutions

Resolution in Support of October 6 Student Walkouts for Abortion and Trans Rights (amended and approved)

The following resolution was passed at the 9/30/22 chapter meeting.

Whereas on June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey;

And whereas 18 states have passed abortion bans, while 8 additional states have blocked attempts at passing abortion bans;

And whereas more than 34 states have attempted to pass legislation that targets transgender people, particularly trans youth, in this calendar year alone;

And whereas all people have the right to choose if and when to be pregnant, the right to receive gender-affirming medical care, and the right to participate in all aspects of life without fear of transphobic violence or discrimination;

And whereas student and workers’ movements are historically invaluable in fights against oppression;

And whereas students at over 30 schools across more than 20 states have organized coordinated events for abortion rights, trans rights, and other forms of reproductive justice scheduled for October 6, 2022;

And whereas the Taylor Law only restricts student workers in their capacity as workers, not in their capacity as students;

And whereas we recognize the importance of active solidarity with students’ and workers’ struggles across the United States and around the world;

And whereas unions, as organizations of workers, have a responsibility to join in the national and international struggles for reproductive rights, trans rights, and all forms of bodily autonomy, as issues that impact the global working class;

Be it resolved that members of the chapter assembled formally supports the student walkouts planned at CUNY for October 6, 2022;

And be it resolved that members of the chapter assembled encourages faculty and staff to cancel or reschedule events for that day, when it is within their power and authority, in order to maximize participation;

And be it resolved that members of the chapter assembled urges faculty and all other supervisors to not penalize any student or other supervisee who chooses to participate;

And be it resolved that members of the chapter assembled will provide any support within its power and capacity to any chapter member who is penalized for participation;

And be it further resolved that members of the chapter assembled stands in solidarity with CUNY For Abortion Rights, a cross-CUNY and cross-title movement encompassing students, faculty and staff, in its efforts to fight for justice for students and workers at CUNY and around the world.

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