Hot Grad Worker Summer: Know Your Rights Workshop, August 5 at 5pm

Workplace exploitation is unfortunately not uncommon at CUNY. This union-led event will help incoming and current graduate student workers understand their contractual rights as employees, so that they can better spot and resist exploitation or over-work at their assigned campuses. 

It’s easy to forget that we are not simply educators and university staff, but also workers with rights that the university is obligated to observe—yet nevertheless violates far too often. Opposing this labor abuse is an essential part of maintaining our mental and physical health as workers, and ensuring the quality of the courses we teach and the work we do. 

Come to our August 5 workshop at 5pm to learn about the most widespread forms of exploitation at CUNY, the kinds of “gray areas” that employees should be most wary of, and potential solutions to these harmful and unfair situations.

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