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Get Involved!

There are five committees that have been formed which any chapter member can join: the Adjunct Organizing Committee, the Contract and Grievance Committee, the Internal Organizing and Steward Committee, Legislative and Elections Committee, the Solidarity Committee. You can find brief descriptions of each of them here.¬†Please reach out the the point person associated with each committee if you’d like to get involved!

An Update from the Legislative Committee

As the November elections loom, the chapter’s Legislative Committee would like to bring your attention to a few PSC-wide initiatives that you might be unaware of.

Monday, September 26th, the PSC will be teaming up with Fight For $15 to rally at Hofstra before the first Presidential Debate. The candidates need to know that exploited workers will not, and cannot, take it any more! Buses leave Manhattan at 3pm, but you should plan on being at the meetup at 2:30pm. More details and bus RSVP instructions can be found here.

Second, members who need to register to vote, or have students, friends, relatives, etc., who need to register to vote, must do so by October 14th. You can find the voter registration form here–share it widely! CUNY actively encourages students to sign up to vote, so even promoting registration on campuses or in class should not bring you into any conflict with the administration.

Next, our parent union, NYSUT, is encouraging everyone to sign up for email/text reminders for voters. Interested? You can find out how to sign up here. [Note: you will need your Member ID# to successfully sign up.]

Finally, phone banking will be going on every Wednesday evening until the November 8th election. Let us know at psccunygc@gmail.com if you plan on attending. Click on each date for event details.

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