Martin Sostre Reclaim the Commons

Martin Sostre’s Afro-Asian Bookshop in Exile Installation now up at the People’s Pantry!

Y’all, we are so thrilled to announce that a replica of Martin Sostre’s Afro-Asian Bookshop in Exile is now up in the 8th-floor Dining Commons at the GC.

The exhibit was created for a Sostre at 100 event at the NYPL’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The NYPL’s Jail & Prison Services team kindly gifted the installation to the People’s Commons, where it will now be on permanent display. Thank you!

Students and faculty at the GC put the exhibit together early in the afternoon on Friday, March 24.

We are honored and humbled to include the living legacy of Martin Sostre in the Reclaim the Commons campaign. Let us continue to struggle against the racist, imperialist carceral state, and let us fight, like he did, for a free CUNY!

*Also, some of you may have noticed the conspicuous absence of  the top banner of Sostre’s original exile shop, which read: “Long Live the Memory of Ho Chi Minh–The NLF is Going to Win.” This was not an ideological concession; sadly, we simply didn’t have enough vertical space to include it. But we have the banner, and it will be making appearances at the GC and beyond shortly. See you in the struggle, comrades!

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