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Spring 2020 Tuition Remission for Doctoral Employees

Starting this spring, the new union contract provides tuition relief to all doctoral students who are employed in a PSC-represented title for four additional semesters beyond their fifth year of study.

There is a very quick turnaround between ratification and implementation, so we need to be vigilant that people are not receiving incorrect bills! If you feel that you have been billed improperly, please email our grievance officer!

Again, the benefit covers all doctoral employees for four additional semesters-for the value of in-state, Level III tuition, which is currently $1,235 per semester.

  • For those who pay the in-state rate and who are at Level III, this means that they will have no tuition obligation.
  • For those who pay out-of-state rates or who are at Levels I or II past their fifth year, their tuition obligation will be reduced by the in-state, Level III rate.

For those in their fifth year making plans for next fall, it is important to remember that you must be employed in a PSC-represented title to receive this benefit. One way to think of this is that the value of working at CUNY-as opposed to picking up a course elsewhere, for example-increases by $1,235 each semester, for the four semesters of the new benefit.

Another quirk of this benefit is that most who are eligible to receive it in Spring 2020 are not receiving this email. After the fifth year, many doctoral students are working as adjuncts in other chapters. For this reason, it is especially important that faculty advisors, APOs, and other colleagues make sure to share this information far and wide. There are likely to be bumps in implementation, and we want to be sure that everyone receives the full benefit!


[Update] Financial Aid commented with additional information:

“A few clarifications: Every student gets billed. Once the tuition remission disburses, it will pay the bill. Disbursement cannot happen until January 20th at the earliest. Students should not panic if they owe a balance at this time. Students will receive an email when their remission has been posted in CUNYfirst. In order for us to post tuition remission, the student must both be registered full-time and have qualifying spring appointment in CUNYfirst. Please contact us with questions!!”

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