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PSC Letter Regarding the Lack of AC on Friday, 8/30/19

Debbie Bell, Executive Director of the PSC, sent the following to Interim President Muyskens on 8/28/19:


President Muyskens:

Professional Staff Congress (PSC), the union representing CUNY instructional staff and Research Foundation employees at the Graduate Center, has received dozens of emails and phone calls from members about the plan to turn off air conditioning at the Graduate Center on Friday, August 30th. The temperature is forecast to be in excess of 85 degrees that day. PSC is concerned that once the building heats up, it will be an unhealthy work environment.

Generally accepted standards are that indoor air temperature above 80.5 degrees is too hot for productive work. Union representatives will be monitoring indoor air temperatures as the day progresses. An easy way to avoid members’ concerns about Friday would be to communicate in advance that employees have the discretion to leave work if they feel ill due to the heat or overheated,  as long as they notify their supervisor. The union has no doubt that the impact of relying on members’ discretion for this single day of construction will be minimal. It is, after all, a single day and not a recurring project.

PSC appreciates your swift attention to taking this action. Do not hesitate to call me, if you would like to discuss further: 212-354-1252


Deborah Bell

PSC Executive Director


PDF: PSC Letter on Lack of A-C on 8-30-19

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