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Border Camps

We have all been watching in horror as the reports from the U.S.-Mexico border roll in: children locked in overcrowded cages, literally – literally – wallowing in their own filth. TortureSicknessDeath. This horror is unfolding at the same time that President Trump is holding hate rallies, leading directly to death threats against elected officials.

Thankfully, people are also fighting back. Stephanie Luce (GC-PSC Chapter & EC member) was arrested with dozens of others, including Carolina Bank Munoz from Brooklyn College, blocking traffic at 42nd and 5th last week. Marc Kagan protested in Washington D.C. last week with Never Again Action. Lynne Turner joined a protest of Amazon Web Services for collaborating with ICE, part of the #NoTechforICE campaign. I am sure many of us have been involved in various ways, but for those who haven’t, there will soon be more opportunities to disrupt and register our dissent soon.

  • There will be a silent protest at the World Trade Center Oculus this Thursday, July 25, 5:30-6:30pm (just before Special DA that begins at 6:30pm.)  The FB event is here.
  • Cosecha NYC and other organizations are planning a direct action on August 10th.  The FB event about the action is here. People can sign up for one of the non-violent direct action trainings leading up to the event here.
  • Rise and Resist has a civil disobedience workshop scheduled for Saturday, Aug 3, 11am-4pm at Tompkins Square Library. The FB event for the CD workshop is here.
  • The New Sanctuary Movement is running accompaniment trainings, to provide support to immigrants targeted by ICE.

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