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Vice Chair Candidate Bios

Maya Harakawa is a 5th year candidate in the Art History department at the GC. An underfunded student without a five year fellowship she is an elected delegate in the graduate center chapter executive committee. She co-founded the chapter’s steward program and ran internal organizing in the chapter for over two years. As chapter vice chair, she will continue to prioritize building internal power while supporting union-wide initiatives, such as 7K.

Travis Richard Sweatte (4th year Sociology PhD): I am running for the Vice-Chair position because I believe that the chapter leadership is currently preoccupied with pursuing a top-down, bureaucratic strategy that is harmful to members’ interests and detrimental to the long-term strength of the union. As Vice-Chair I would exert pressure for the current chair and delegates to fully support and advocate for the 7K or Strike resolution passed with overwhelming support by membership last semester, and to fight for our chapter to be led by the rank-and-file membership rather than representatives who claim to act on behalf of the membership.

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