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Vice Chair – Position Description

Below you will find description of duties for the open chapter Executive Committee position of Vice Chair. In keeping with the passed resolution on Democratic Selection of Officers, we will take nominations for 15 days after the email announcing this vacancy goes out to all chapter members (that should happen today, November 8th, or tomorrow, November 9th). At that point anyone choosing to run will be able to provide a profile for this site + distribution by another email to all chapter members, and nominees will each be given a few minutes to speak at our next chapter meeting (if they so desire). If you wish to run and/or nominate someone else, please contact Anh.

Vice Chair Responsibilities

The vice chair is key to assuring the daily functionality of the Graduate Center chapter. Responsibilities are as follows: organizing chapter meetings and EC meetings (setting dates and time, coordinating agenda, booking rooms, overseeing promotion, chairing meetings, etc.); attending monthly chapter chair meetings; working with the chapter chair to coordinate chapter correspondence (with members, management, and the larger union). Aside from these administrative duties, the vice chair also plays a key role in chapter organizing. In particular, the vice chair works closely with the chapter’s part-time liaison to identify new leaders among rank and file members. The vice chair is not a delegate position (meaning it does come with voting rights in the PSC’s delegate assembly).

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