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Resolution on Democratic Selection of Officers

WHEREAS positions on the Graduate Center (GC) Chapter Executive Committee (EC) of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) should be democratically elected by chapter members;

WHEREAS the PSC Election Rules (VI.C.5) state that vacant offices in the chapter, other than chapter chair, delegates, and alternate delegates, are filled by an election only by the chapter EC;

BE IT RESOLVED that the GC Chapter adopt the following as a “best practice” for filling such vacancies: whenever a position in the GC EC is made vacant between elections, a special ballot election will be held at a GC chapter meeting, in which all (and only) members of the GC chapter can vote, and the winner of said election will then be appointed by the GC EC in an election by the EC;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this special election will take place at the first chapter meeting following a 15 day nomination period and a subsequent 30 day campaigning period;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all candidates will be profiled in an official communication from the GC Chapter sent to all members via email;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the usual rules pertaining to who can run in chapter elections apply to this special election;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution applies to all vacancies in the GC EC, effective September 1, 2018.

Resolution on White Supremacists

Whereas white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and fascists have no place in the PSC, or the labor movement more generally;

Whereas the PSC is an organization that fights for all members, regardless of race, and denounces racial chauvinism;

Be it resolved that the GC chapter calls on the PSC—through the Delegate Assembly—to amend the PSC Constitution to ban any member of a white nationalist, neo-Nazi, or fascist organization from holding office in the PSC, using similar language as our brothers and sisters of the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO.*


*Language from the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO:

“No individual shall be eligible to serve as an Officer, member of The Executive Board or Committee, or other governing body, or any committee of, or as a delegate from, or as a representative, agent, or employee of this body who is a member of any Fascist or White Supremacist organization. Or who consistently pursues policies and/or activites [sic] directed toward the purposes of any Fascist or otherwise White Supremacist Ideology.”


September at the GC Chapter

Welcome back (or to, if it’s your first semester)! September sees a couple of upcoming events to put in your calendar:

Remember that our chapter encompasses not on the Graduate Center, but the School of Labor and Urban Studies, the School of Professional Studies, the Craig Newmark School of Journalism, the School of Public Heath, and Macaulay Honors College. Get involved no matter your campus! Want to plan a campus-specific event? Let us know.

We hope to see everyone out for the chapter meeting on the 24th!

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