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December 7th EC Meeting Minutes

Minutes from chapter’s Executive Committee Meeting – 12/7/17

  • Next semester membership blitz & chapter organizing plan – 30 min
    • Reflections on SPS & JSchool meetings
    • Set goals, strategies, timeline & delegate tasks
    • “A revolution in data” & data privacy → tabled for next EC
    • See end of this document for further notes on chapter organizing
  • Changes to SPS Governance Plan & our response – 20 min
    • Old SPS governance plan allows for program committees (curriculum & personnel) that never formed b/c they never had enough FT & consortial faculty to do so (adjuncts not allowed to serve) → grievance going to arbitration
    • SPS recently came up w/ new governance plan that abolishes committees & establishes governing council that makes policy for SPS → no peer evaluation for tenure & appointments, less democratic input & voting especially from the majority adjunct faculty
      • + Invalid review process
      • Benefit: HEOS will have representation on new Governing Council, which they lacked before
    • Failure of SPS to hire FTers underlies many of the dysfunctions of the governance plan
    • Past Monday & next Monday (5:30) SPS community meeting allowed/allows comments on governance plan online → SPS will go back to governance plan & resubmit with changes to SPS Deans & Directors
    • Are there contract violations in the new governance plan?
      • Contract calls for dept P&B committees
    • Next steps?
      • Will raise our objections at next SPS L-M
      • PSC commentaries need to be sent out to SPS
      • Bring up at DA tonight during President’s Report – Susan
      • Line up 1 FT, adjuncts & HEO to speak against new governance plan at Monday community mtg
        • Ask interested but remote adjuncts for statement – Susan
        • Recruit HEOs to speak – Jennifer
        • Ask a PO to come speak – Marc
  • DA prep – 10 min
    • Attendance
    • Constitutional amendment


Goals & Plans for Chapter-Building:

  • 2 chapter meetings at GC (end of Feb, end of Apr) – Chloe
    • Organizing & Building Power in the Age of Janus
      • Focused on training for organizing
    • Look into booking DSC rooms so we can bring our own food [Also, English or another dept with a large lounge will work]
  • 1 chapter meeting at SPS, SPH, JSchool, Murphy (one campus per month, Jan-Apr?)
    • For meetings of mostly HEOs, ask HEO chapter to fund food
    • What is the goal?
      • SPS (Susan & Jennifer), SPH (Frank & Sam), JSchool (Sam & Gogie): information & recruitment
      • Keep in contact w/ Murphy organizers, offer support but they will spearhead – Chloe
      • Recruit Murphy faculty/staff to sign up SPS fee payers – Susan & Jennifer
        • Phone-banking may be more effective than walk-arounds
  • Workshop: “Striking Under the Taylor Law” (beginning of May) – Travis, Sam, Aaron B.
    • Incorporate trainings (on tabling, organizing convos) into workshops?
  • Periodic tabling to build for specific events (workshops, chapter meetings, union-wide actions, etc.) – stewards bottom line
  • Membership blitz + recruiting activists (Jan 29- Feb 16)
    • Walk-throughs of low-density departments & affiliate campuses to get membership sign-ups & inoculate against Janus focused on FT faculty & HEOs – Zee & Gerry
      • HEO & FT faculty EC members
      • Tabling in lobby & cafeteria – stewards bottom line
        • GA EC members
    • Signing up all full timers, including visiting professors!
  • Public meeting on bullying/harassment prevention (early Feb) – Travis & Anh
  • Joint EC & steward meeting (schedule for Feb) – Anh
  • Departmental meeting announcements (throughout semester) – stewards bottom line

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