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Proposed Agenda for 11/13 Chapter Meeting

  • Amend & adopt proposed agenda (3 min)
  • Bill Herbert- Announcement on Center for Higher Education Collective Bargaining, Hunter College (2 min)
  • Andrea Vasquez- Introduction of PSC/CUNY bargaining demands (5 mins)
    • Context for bargaining demands
    • How does bargaining proceed?
  • Brief presentation of top demands for 3 PSC job titles (HEOs, GAs, Adjuncts) (10 mins)
    • Why it is important to understand demands across the membership?
  • Open discussion of bargaining agenda (25 mins)
    • Reflections & reactions
    • How will members be involved in the organizing and bargaining process?
  • Fundraising for GC member’s medical issue (2 mins)
  • Open Discussion on translating demands into victories (30 mins)
    • What organizing is already taking place? How do we plug in?
    • How can we increase mobilization across all job titles?
    • What role will the GC play in overall PSC efforts?
    • What areas can the GC community be engaging in to pressure management?
    • Sign-up & recruitment for Dec 4th Contract Action
  • Discussion of Upcoming Labor/Management Meeting (13 mins)
    • Gains from previous Labor/management meeting
    • What needs to be followed up on from previous meetings?
    • What needs to be addressed at upcoming meeting?

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