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Fall 2017 Contract Fight Prep

Questions or concerns about the upcoming contract negotiations? Contact someone within your title to talk about contract issues! These folks are on active at the GC chapter, are on the union’s Bargaining Committee, and are delegates in the Delegate Assembly (which will vote on contract demands).

The following contract committees have been formed:

  • Continuing Education faculty needs
  • HEO advancement adjustments and other HEO demands
  • CLT needs, Graduate Assistant needs
  • Adjunct three-year appointments improvements
  • Adjuncts, teaching and non-teaching: salary and conditions
  • Educational Technology provisions
  • Grievance and Discipline provisions
  • Membership information reporting and protections
  • Professional School needs
  • EOCs and Hunter Campus Schools needs
  • Department Chair needs


We can start pressuring CUNY now to come to the table to negotiate this contract sooner rather than later. Six years late on the last contract was absolutely unacceptable and cannot happen again.

Governor Cuomo has yet to sign the Maintenance of Effort bill. This funds the state’s portion of CUNY and SUNY mandatory cost increases; without it colleges have to make up the loss of funding elsewhere.

Twitter is generally a public medium so it’s a good place to start pushing CUNY and the Governor.

Some Key Twitter Handles:

CUNY Central: @cunynewswire Chancellor Milliken: @jbmilliken Governor Cuomo: @NYGovCuomo PSC: @PSC_CUNY Chapter: @psccunygc

Potential Contract Tweet Examples:

  • Hey @jbmilliken, the @PSC_CUNY contract expires this semester. Don’t make us wait 6yrs for a contract this time! #CUNY
  • Classes at @cunynewswire mostly taught by exploited adjuncts. End poverty wages & support $7k per course in the next #CUNY contract!
  • @cunynewswire/@jbmilliken shouldn’t expect @PSC_CUNY to wait another 6yrs for a contract. Shameful treatment of faculty & staff. #CUNY
  • #CUNY calls itself the “American Dream Machine” but for adjuncts it’s a nightmare. @jbmilliken, we need $7k in this @PSC_CUNY contract!

Potential MOE Tweet Examples:

Bottom line: Be creative! Let CUNY know inaction on negotiations will not be tolerated, and make sure to use their accounts and the #CUNY hashtag so that your voice is amplified. (Plus then we’re using management’s own marketing tools in service of labor.) Tell personal stories if they fit. And thanks for helping share the petition to get Cuomo to sign the MOE!


Finally, we also want to make sure we’re talking to our PSC colleagues about the contract fight. Please commit to speaking with at least two colleagues between now and the next chapter meeting about the struggle to come. To win the best contract we need every member to be active in the fight!

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