News Solidarity Committee

May Day Planning and Action

Trump has been President for two months and the attacks have already begun: the Muslim Ban, the border wall, the Dakota Access Pipeline, etc. CUNY and all of public education will be under attack under Betsy DeVos. As students, adjuncts, professors, and CUNY workers we must give a unified response to these attacks–we must fight back.

Join the PSC GC Solidarity Committee on March 20 from 6:30-8:00pm in room 5414 to build for May 1st. This planning meeting will discuss departmental outreach, lessons learned from the Strike Authorization Vote, a speaker series for political education, and other ideas to prepare for the first May Day under a Trump administration. We will also discuss the possibility of department stoppages and a CUNY-wide shut down on May 1 in resistance to Trump.

See you there!

Check back for updates on future May Day Planning and day-of events and RSVP on Facebook.

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