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Job Posting: GC Chapter Part-Time Organizer

Donald Trump’s election will have dire effects across almost all issue areas in the United States and beyond. Public sector unions are not immune from this—quite the opposite. We expect to lose “agency fee,” in 18 months, under a Trump Supreme Court. This will allow “free riders” and presents a crisis of funding to the entire public sector labor movement.

It is in this context that the PSC GC chapter is hiring a part-time organizer to strengthen the chapter. We expect approximately one full day of work per week, and the position will be compensated at $893.25 per month. The primary work of the position will be to build a steward structure in the chapter in coordination with the Internal Organizing Committee, ultimately at a ratio of approximately one activist for every 10 members. We seek to recruit and develop leaders of color in these steward positions wherever possible. In addition, the position will help to convert agency fee payers to members, and to build the public presence of the PSC at the Graduate Center.

Please submit a brief statement of interest in the position (one page or less), as well as a CV highlighting your CUNY employment, and any organizing experience you have, in the labor movement or elsewhere. These documents should be sent to Deirdre Brill. Applicants should be a GC PSC chapter member and active CUNY employee.

Work of the position:

  1. Build and manage steward structure in coordination with the Chapter Internal Organizing Committee
  2. Attend or organize two department meetings per month
  3. One-on-one “conversations” via phone and email – 15 per month
  4. Lead new member orientation – one per year
  5. Organize a PSC chapter GC lobby presence – one per month

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