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Double Down

Dear PSCers –

This is a really rough day. I cried, walking around my neighborhood. I found it hard to make eye contact. I am sad, and like many, I feel fear. There is just no way to sugarcoat the presidency of a billionaire real estate parasite who ran a campaign based on racism and sexism.

But whatever draining feelings you have this morning, please don’t succumb to them. This is a moment when we can decide – not on who our president will be for the next four years (that decision has been made), but whether we will start today, now to build the power we need to make a different future.

We need a fully funded CUNY more than ever. We need to engage our co-workers and our working class students, most of whom are students of color, in this process of building power. Maybe you’ve thought of getting more involved, but felt too busy. Maybe you woke up this morning with the feeling of wanting to do something. Maybe this is the moment to make space for the work necessary to create a different future – for our union, for CUNY, for our city, for our society.

Come to a CUNY Rising town hall meeting. Join a chapter committee. Or just give me a call and let me know how you want to get active. Let’s get organized.

Solidarity & power,

Luke Elliott-Negri

PSC Chapter Chair, CUNY Graduate Center


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