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Proposed Contract Documents and Upcoming Voting

Today President Bowen sent members an email with information about voting on the proposed contract with CUNY. The Executive Council and Delegate Assembly have had their chance to vote, and now it’s our turn as members!

Instructions on voting will be sent out on July 7th (we will give more information regarding how to vote in a separate post as we get closer); in the meantime, here is the Memorandum of Agreement that lays out the contract changes in full, and here is the summary of the proposed new contract.

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Good morning,

Great question; I believe payments for back pay would come in two chunks, with the first being sometime in the Fall. I also believe that pay would be adjusted at a similar time to reflect the new salary you would earn (when you add the %). I am not sure that there are full details as to what exact dates all this will happen, though, but if we can find out more about this I will get back to you with a further response.

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