Working Groups

Reopening / Health & Safety

Working to ensure the health and safety of workers as CUNY reopens to non-essential on-site work. Help us build cross-title solidarity in reopening and learn about what’s required for a safe return. Members from all chapter work-sites are welcome. Learn more.

Local Strategy

This group is developing a campaign to effectively engage the new Graduate Center President on crucial issues facing our chapter.

Base-building / Internal Organizing

Bolsters the power of our chapter by approaching, enlisting, and activating new members. Phone bank with us! This summer we are calling every chapter member to hear concerns and learn about what issues matter most to folks on the ground. We also run the GC chapter steward program, which develops union leaders in each department.

Summer Actions and Strike Readiness

Work on growing chapter participation in union-wide actions to build the power necessary for a strike. Learn about the Taylor law and its implications and connect with groups calling for a strike authorization vote. Learn more.

International Students

International students cannot work outside of CUNY and are particularly vulnerable to labor violations. The recent threat posed by ICE is just one example of why international student workers need to stay connected. Join us!

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