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Chapter Committees

There are several operating within our chapter. Below you will find both the description of each committee and their point person. Please reach out to the committee point person(s) or fill out this form to get involved!

Contract and Grievance Committee, Marc Kagan

  • The Grievance Committee’s role is threefold:
    • To help address individual workers’ pay or work problems, either through the formal grievance procedure or, more often, by providing assistance and intercession.
    • To capture, and work toward the resolution of, issues that affect several or even hundreds of workers. One example is our research on CUNY’s failure to properly pay wage-step salary increases. Again, these may be handled through the three-step contractual grievance process, or through informal resolution with management.
    • To bring to light issues – for example, disparate workload – that may not be violations of the contract, but still may be fixed through discussion; alternatively, that need to be contract demands in 2017.
  • Grievance Committee members might expect to:
    • Collect information on contractual violations or abuses, and analyze them holistically and globally
    • Collectively consult and discuss strategy
    • Assist individual workers
    • Attend grievance hearings
    • Act as a bridge between individual workers and the Graduate Center Executive Committee or the PSC’s Grievance Coordinator

Internal Organizing and Steward Committee, Maya Harakawa

  • The internal organizing committee bolsters the health and power of our chapter by approaching, enlisting, and activating new members. We initiate and implement annual membership drives during the Fall semester and run member education initiatives. In addition, we run the GC chapter steward program, which ensures chapter wide representation in our chapter. Using the steward program and other organizing structures, we work to create stronger ties between members, chapter leadership, and the broader GC community.

Legislative and Elections Committee, Rosa Squillacote

  • The legislative & elections committee organizes GC members around local and state elections and legislative action. This includes organizing support for (or against) proposed bills, budgets, etc. that impact CUNY, as well as for (or against) candidates who champion or fail to champion such bills.

Solidarity Committee, Jesse Rappaport

  • The Solidarity Organizing Committee is dedicated to spreading beyond the Graduate Center and becoming involved in larger labor and social movements. Utilizing our key positions as educators, researchers, and public workers, we are committed to using our organized labor power to fight for social justice.

HEO Steering Committee,  Andrea Vasquez

  • HEOs across the chapter’s campuses occasionally need to meet to discuss HEO-specific issues; the HEO Steering Committee plans out those meetings. If you’re a HEO, and interested in working on that, let us know if you’d like to join!

Chapter Events Committee, Chloe Asselin

  • The chapter events committee organizes chapter meetings twice a semester, in addition to bringing in guest speakers and planning educational workshops and panels on labor and politics.


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