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Help keep the People’s Pantry going!

Dear friends,

As we transition into summer, please consider making a small donation to help keep the People’s Pantry afloat. While many of us may be away from the GC, there are still a number of students, faculty, and staff who have come to depend on the food Reclaim the Commons provides.

Since February, the People’s Pantry has provided much needed nourishment to many members of the GC community. With generous donations from students, faculty, staff, and other supporters of the Reclaimed Commons, a team of grocery shoppers stocked the Pantry twice a week. Management optimistically–and perhaps disingenuously–predicted that their food pantry would be ready by the end of the spring semester. However, the official pantry has yet to open, and the People’s Pantry remains the only source of relief for food-insecure members of the GC community on campus.

Our average weekly cost to supply a modest amount of snacks, coffee/tea, and food staples is around $200. We are down to about $250 in our account. Anything you can give helps. Please send donations via Venmo to Zoe-Hu-1. You can also slide cash in an envelope under the union office door (6302). Shelf-stable food items, personal hygiene items, and other donations can be left on the pantry tables in the Commons. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and restful summer,

Reclaim the Commons and GC PSC

The People’s Pantry after a food run (6/13)

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