Reclaim the Commons

People’s Pantry low on funds

Since February, the People’s Pantry has provided much needed nourishment to many members of the GC community. As we near the end of semester, members of the GC community who experience food insecurity continue to rely on the pantry to survive while juggling the pressures of this time of year. The project has succeeded in getting the administration to plan an official pantry, but people need to eat while we wait for that pantry to be set up. Food has been running out quickly, and our funds are low. Volunteer teams are doing grocery runs twice a week and ideally need to be able to do three to replenish the food,

Please donate via Venmo: @Zoe-Hu-1 or slip cash in an envelope under the door of the union office (6302). Donations of non-perishable food are welcome – just drop it off on the tables in the Reclaimed Commons on the 8th floor.

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