Martin Sostre Reclaim the Commons

Sostre’s Back!

On Monday, April 10, Reclaim the Commons organizers (re)installed the posters from Martin Sostre’s Afro-Asian Bookshop in Exile exhibition in the display cases on the first floor of the Graduate Center’s library (by the staircase). Come check it out!

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We’re very happy that the exhibit can be on display for everyone to appreciate and learn from, but we are sad to have the installation in exile (again) after the upper GC Administration ordered it taken down from the 8th Floor Commons.

Stay tuned for further conversation and exploration of the ways that Martin Sostre’s history and organizing connects to our CUNY struggles.

Above: the installation as set up in the Commons on March 24, 2023. Below: Sostre’s original bookshop in exile at the University of Buffalo.

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