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GC Community Meeting Follow-Up (Reclaim the Commons)

GC students, faculty, and staff showed up ready to make some noise at President Garrell’s last “Community Meeting” on Wednesday, February 15 (pictures below). We protested in the GC lobby and maintained a combative tone throughout the meeting, putting pressure on the administration to recognize and take responsibility for the appalling material conditions many of us face at this institution, from food insecurity to late pay and insufficient childcare services, to name just a few issues.

After the meeting, Garrell and GC provost Steve Everett stopped by our Wednesday evening potluck in the Dining Commons. Everett made a verbal commitment to providing free hot lunch for everyone at the GC at least once a month starting March 1. If he keeps his promise, this would be the first serious concession from management effected directly by Reclaim the Commons‘ organizing campaign. Of course, we recognize that even if management provides one weekly lunch, that is still a far cry from meeting our demand that they restore healthy, affordable dining services at the GC. We sent a follow-up email to management acknowledging the first steps they are taking but also reiterating our demands. Last Friday, 2/17, the DGSC held a plenary and passed a resolution to endorse the demands of the Reclaim the Commons campaign.

The People’s Pantry has become an important hub of political organizing at the GC! Help us keep building  momentum. Sign up for our email list and volunteer to help out here. Please bring any non-perishable donations directly to the 8th-floor Dining Commons. We always need more folks to bring food and drinks to our Wednesday potlucks. Venmo donations can be sent to Zoe-Hu-1 and cash donations can be slid in an envelope under the PSC office door (6302). Do you have other questions or concerns? Email us at

Join us, y’all. This is just the beginning.

(Making protest materials) ^^^

(Grilling admin) ^^^

(Standing in solidarity with our striking graduate student comrades at Temple University) ^^^

Donate to their strike fund here.

(Students and workers chanting in the lobby–click for video) ^^^

(Holding up protest signs during the meeting) ^^^

(Calling out management) ^^^

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