Reclaim the Commons

The People’s Pantry survives its first week!

It’s been a hell of a week, all, but the People’s Pantry is still here and going strong. Despite threats from management–see their b.s. email and our response to the GC community–last Wednesday, we hosted our second potluck. About 100 folks showed up to share some hot food and drinks, and plan our next steps in terms of putting pressure on management to reopen the cafeteria and address other material issues such as poverty wages, late pay, racism and discrimination at CUNY, and dangerous, exploitative working conditions.

To that end, GC president Robin Garrell is holding another “community meeting” this Wednesday from 12-1:30 pm. We urge everyone who can to attend and collectively present her with the demands we developed at our last weekly meeting:

  • Reopen the Cafeteria

  • Turn the Dining Commons into a community-run space

  • Financially support the People’s Pantry

After Garrell’s meeting, we will hold a real community meeting in the Dining Commons (where else!). And we will still have our 5-7 potluck (cosponsored by the DGSC), which will be more of a social event with stations where you can engage in activities and learn more about various organizing campaigns going on at the GC. Please show up, bring some friends, and bring a small dish if you can!

Last week, we also formed four working groups to continue the Reclaim the Commons campaign:

  • Grocery Runs

  • Pantry Upkeep

  • Wednesday Potluck/Commons events organizing

  • Outreach/media

If you’re interested in getting involved with any of these, please reach out to To sign up for our mailing list, please fill out this form. To donate, please Venmo Zoe-Hu-1 or slide cash donations in an envelope underneath the GC PSC office door (6302).

Also, look who stopped by the People’s Pantry today for a cup of coffee.

That’s right, it’s legendary scholar and activist Ruth Wilson Gilmore, seen here with Assistant Director of the GC’s Center for Place, Culture and Politics, Mary N. Taylor.

The movement is growing. We are working together to reimagine and transform the Dining Commons, the GC, and CUNY. Join us. This is just the beginning!



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