SLU Union meeting 05/08/23

(about 20 people attending)

Labor Management debrief

We discussed the last Labor Management meeting – a contractually protected meeting we have with top management as union members at SLU. Coworkers shared how that meeting went, and celebrated our record turnout. Those who were knew to LM meetings remarked that it was clarifying to see the bosses’ tactics, e.g. how they blamed the larger system for everything.

One topic of discussion in the debrief was a general lack of communications in written form that workers can reference. With high turnover, institutional knowledge waxes and wanes. This is affecting commencement planning, for instance, making some work unpredictable. A coworker noted that there are differences in engagement and sincerity among members of the top management team. Another called for us to have a strategic planning meeting to decide how we want to implement a more transparent decision-making process and them call management in.

Contract campaign

The PSC contract has expired, but CUNY management has yet to come to the table. We discussed recent and upcoming campaign actions. There was a successful hybrid grade-in at three CUNY campuses. We discussed attending the Board of Trustees meeting later that day and the PSC rally in front of City Hall on May 11. A new member sought feedback on his BoT testimony from coworkers.

Union lunches

We discussed having a lunch series where we will discuss our contract, with the goal of understanding our rights in the workplace better. Coworkers were leaning towards having these every other week.