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Hello, and welcome to the site for the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) chapter of the Graduate Center, CUNY, the Advanced Science Research Center, the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, the CUNY School of Professional Studies, the CUNY School of Journalism, the CUNY School of Public Health, and Macaulay Honors College.


  • Chapter Chair: Zoe Hu (Graduate Assistant, GC)
  • Vice-Chair: Evan Rothman (Graduate Assistant, GC)
  • Secretary: Alycia Sellie (Full-time Library Faculty, GC)
  • Grievance Counselors: Hanna Goldberg and Marc Kagan (Graduate Assistants, GC)
  • Part-Time Liaison: Giacomo Bianchino (Graduate Assistant, GC)
  • Professional School Liaison: Sofya Aptekar (Full-time Faculty, SLU)

We will be providing information to members of our chapter here at our site, but please also check us out on social media:




Do you have questions or something you’d like to see us add? Email us or send us a message on social media.

The chapter office is located at the Graduate Center in room 6302.