2023 Contract Negotiation Information

We’ll be posting links and documents related to the 2023 contract negotiations on this page. This is the PSC’s official bargaining agenda, approved at a special Delegate Assembly meeting on February 2, 2023. We invite you to give us your feedback on the PSC’s official demands and to tell us what you want to see in our next contract here. Feel free to fill out the form multiple times if you think of new demands we should fight for.

Below are two documents that reflect issues and demands we discussed at our December 2022 chapter meeting. They reflect a broader range of issues and offer more specific demands than the PSC’s current bargaining agenda.

Issues at the GC

GC Contract Demands

The Committee for Adjuncts and Part-timers (CAP) has also put together a Vision for Equity that calls for 13k/class for adjuncts, among many other demands.

The Platform Committee has also issued a set of proposed amendments to the PSC’s official bargaining agenda.

Bargaining sessions sign-up and info:

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Bargaining dates June + July (2023)