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February 1st EC Meeting Minutes

Minutes from chapter’s Executive Committee Meeting – 2/1/2018

  • Discussion: “Taking Stock & Moving Forward” – 40 min – everyone
    • What have we been doing well? What haven’t we been doing that we need to start doing?
    • What are other groups doing around campus? How do we link up?
    • What are this semester’s immediate goals & strategies for the contract campaign? The budget campaign? The membership campaign?
    • Updates & reflections on working groups: HEO, stewards, GC chapter meeting planning, internal organizing?, Science Fellows
      • Science Fellows want to meet with PSC officer as next step to explain unique set of probs faced by Science Fellows & brainstorm how to deal with Research Foundation
      • HEO committee: spreading info about salary differentials, recommitments, getting info from HR about new hires, will show up at HEOs orientations
      • Decentralization of work has had positive & negative outcomes
        • Negative: lack of communication about events
      • Solidarity committee merged into wider/fluid working group around campaign to reinstate Marisa Holmes, supporting Chelsea Manning & Oscar Lopez Rivera → drew in more 1st year involvement
      • Internal organizing/membership: signed up a lot of new members in beginning of semester, but momentum has not continued throughout semester
        • How to make membership/recommitment campaign exciting?
          • Tag-teaming with 2 people
          • Not ideal to ask activists to figure out fee payer’s schedules
          • Phone-banking rather than walk-arounds
          • Competition among departments
        • Generally easier to sign up fee payers than re-commitments, but fee payers should be priority before Janus
        • “Recommitment” on part of stewards needed
          • Most difficult to get excitement around collecting cards
        • Explore floor-wide meetings rather than department meetings
        • Do we have updated fee payer list?
        • Get student lists from APOs? Do classroom visits
        • Hard to find new ppl in new depts → focus internal organizing on departments with lowest coverage
        • Keep asks small & specific
        • Map the faculty!
        • Classroom visits are best for sharing events, not necessarily getting membership sign-ups
      • Let’s regularize steward involvement in EC or at least increase communication between EC & stewards
      • Adjunct organizing has also become coalitional in nature at chapter level & has regular meetings focus on building for specific actions
        • PSC organizers have mapped out class times by using CUNY 1st → catching adjuncts after they teach is a good method
  • Updating & following up on Spring semester chapter organizing  plan – 25 min – everyone
    • Need to come up with organizing plan for ASRC
  • EC attendance spreadsheet – 5 min – Anh
  • Membership data management, communications & protecting privacy – 10 min – Marc
    • PSC uses Constant Contact to manage member data → should check to see what is in contract between PSC & Constant Contact as to what Constant Contact can do with our info → Marc will check in with Naomi Z. about this contract
    • We need to invest in integrated, streamlined database BEFORE Janus → get working group to investigate options → Marc will ask Naomi Z.
  • UPDATE EC ON EVENTS – 5 min – Gerry
  • Plans or resolutions for next DA meeting on Feb. 15 – 5 min – everyone
    • Marc’s resolution on implementing pilot adjunct seniority system → is DA the best space? Or just start organizing with buy-in from PSC Vice Presidents? Or could be a CAP project?
    • PSC has attempted seniority syst organizing in past → need to ask to Steve London

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