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There are five committees that have been formed which any chapter member can join: the Adjunct Organizing Committee, the Contract and Grievance Committee, the Internal Organizing and Steward Committee, Legislative and Elections Committee, the Solidarity Committee. You can find brief descriptions of each of them here. Please reach out the the point person associated with each […]

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PSC 2017/ CUNY 2017: Five Steps Toward Being Ready for the Next Contract Fight

PSC 2017/ CUNY 2017 Five Steps Toward Being Ready for the Next Contract Fight Luke Elliott-Negri     When you organize in the PSC, you eventually hear these two statements: “PSC is an adjunct union.” And: “PSC doesn’t do anything for adjuncts.” The new contract is settled and depending on your perspective it has “unprecedented” […]

Adjunct Organizing Committee News Solidarity Committee

CFA Event with Jonathan Karpf: Follow-Up

Dear PSC Members – On September 22-23, 2016, the Graduate Center chapter of the PSC along with six other PSC chapters (Bronx Community College, LaGuardia College, City College, Brooklyn College, and College of Staten Island), the First Fridays Committee and the Adjunct Project, organized a public meeting and workshop series entitled “Contingent Labor in a […]